I’m a UI/UX designer with over 5 years of experience in graphic and interior design. I strive for intuitive user experiences with a minimalistic, yet visually striking interface.


Law Offices of Jim T. Nguyen

Lead Marketing Designer | September 2020 - Present

  • Designed marketing materials, such as company branded promotional products and marketing collateral for networking purposes.

  • Managed the firm's social media accounts by maintaining a web presence to increase brand awareness through consistent posting and engagement.

  • Increased conversions through social media by up to 43%.

  • Researched, wrote, and produced digital content for social media.

Case Manager | February 2021 - Present

  • Effectively reduced any waiting periods by efficiently obtaining medical records and recommendations.

  • Minimized any delays in settlement by keeping track and following up with all pending authorizations, lien reductions, and external correspondences.

  • Implemented consistent communication between clients and their insurance, medical providers, and other departments relating to their bodily injury and property damage claim.

  • Created and maintained a highly organized system to stay up to date with all clients by centralizing all important information, updates, and pending tasks to a single spreadsheet.

  • Streamlined the client intake process by creating templates to automate and cut out time-consuming tasks.

Freelance UI/UX Graphic Designer | February 2019 - March 2020

  • Designed the logo and branding for the business and created a style guide to develop a cohesive brand across the business.

  • Established a more intuitive user experience by revamping the single paged website to include subpages and a navigational menu.

  • Developed code for the website and optimized it for tablet and mobile access.

  • Worked closely with client through multiple iterations and finalized deliverables for print and social media use (eg: business cards, holiday cards, and marketing premiums).

365 Staging

Lead Designer | April 2017 - May 2019

Graphic Designer | January 2018 - May 2019

  • Directed teams of 3 to stage an average of 10 residential homes per week to be listed on the real estate marketplace.

  • Curated pieces of furniture and accessories to coordinate with the architectural style of the home for a cohesive look and feel.

  • Created marketing collateral such as decals, posters, and flyers for company and real estate use across the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Helped develop a guideline for minimum deliverables per design package for consistent quality and efficiency.

  • Streamlined business operations by devising a system for designers and warehouse workers to collaborate more effectively, increasing efficiency by 20% per project without compromising quality.

  • Established relationships with real estate agents, and was frequently requested to oversee their staging projects.


Social Media Marketing Designer | May 2017 - June 2018

  • Managed Instagram account of 12k followers by making 1-3 daily posts based on engagement prediction algorithm and increased following by 140%.

  • Created graphic design content such as banners and call-to-action images for Instagram, website, and email use.

  • Assisted in digital marketing by photographing products and writing detailed descriptions.

  • Formulated a standard of procedures across business to establish branding and style consistency.

  • Designed and managed monthly newsletters, on-boarding and other sales marketing emails.

Steve Boyer Designs

Production Intern | June 2013 - September 2013

  • Collaborated with the design team to create Colorfields, a mobile app that uses participants’ geolocation to create a 60m x 60m interactive art piece for the 2013 Glow Festival, which had ~150,000 attendees.

  • Built sitemaps and wireframes and created information and navigational architecture to ensure seamless usability.

  • Researched lead designer’s style and vision to define and apply branding for the Colorfields app.

Boiling Point Restaurant

Assistant Manager | September 2014 - December 2016

Supervisor | December 2013 - December 2016

Trainer | March 2015 - December 2016

Server, Bobartender, Cook | June 2012 - December 2016

  • Managed 30 employees’ hours and duties according to the restaurant's peak and slow hours.

  • Applied strong communication and people skills to solve internal and external problems under stressful conditions.

  • Monitored and maintained a consistent level of food and supply inventory by perfecting ordering based on consumption prediction while keeping food waste to a minimum.

  • Led orientation at company headquarters once a week to onboard 5-10 new employees and start basic training.

  • Trained new servers to be up to company’s standards during their 2 week probation period.


Visual Display Intern | June 2012 - August 2012

  • Worked with the design team to iterate the design concept for the 2012 summer window display theme of naturally-dyed flowers.

  • Sourced and selected materials to build and execute proposed display ideas.

  • Partnered with the display team to decorate window displays and created props, furniture, and other apparatuses to market company’s clothing and products.

Otis College of Art and Design

Teacher's Assistant | Drawing | February 2012 - May 2012

  • Took attendance, graded homework, and managed daily provisions.

  • Prepared teaching materials, ran errands, as well as advised and answered students' questions.

Otis College of Art and Design

Technical Support Services | September 2011 - May 2013

  • Supervised school's tool check-out system while organizing the office and keeping the work area in an orderly fashion.

  • Advised students on which tools to use and consulted the best plan of action to create their project.


You in Review

UI/UX Designer | January 2020 - March 2020

An interactive lifestyle tracker that helps the user keep good habits by using push notifications to actively remind the user to stay on track. Whether the user is trying to start a new good habit or kicking a bad one, this project uses an aesthetically pleasing interface with detailed insights and data to keep the user engaged and motivated.

The Wander Project

UI/UX Designer | May 2019 - August 2019

A cloud storage project that changes the way a user would make itineraries for traveling. Whether it's wanderlusting, planning a business trip, a staycation, or a trip abroad, this project uses a responsive website with mobile application capabilities and also takes inspiration from social media.

Park It or Ticket

UI Designer | May 2013

UI project that was created out of my frustration for public parking. Finding parking was already a challenge, but having to figure out how long and when parking is allowed without receiving a ticket was getting out of hand. This project was my hypothetical mobile application that would take the stress out of parking.


UI Designer | September 2012

UI project that focuses on helping the consumer be more mindful and productive in the midst of having multiple technological distractions. This project was a hypothetical solution to help us balance using tehchnology before we become the generation that could not live or function without our phones. Although this was an issue that was ideated upon in 2012, it's almost frightening to see how much more relevant it has become.

Whole Foods Body Care

Graphic Designer | September 2012 - December 2012

A 13-week collaboration project between Otis College of Art and Design's Product Design students and Loyola Marymount University's Business students. My group worked on Whole Food's low body care sales problem and came up with a store-within-a-store solution with a new body care line to attract customers. I was in charge of the graphic design portion, which included packaging and sign design, as well as creating the presentation.

Hyundai Motor Company

Chief Storyteller | September 2011 - December 2011

A 14-week collaboration project between Otis College of Art and Design's Product Design students and Loyola Marymount University's Business students. Hyundai presented us with their problem regarding lower sales in the United States compared to sales in Korea. My group focused on ideas to keep current and future consumers interactive with the company, which included mobile apps, events, and QR enabled posters. I was in charge of the story-telling element of the presentation.



December 2018 - March 2020

UI/UX (Designer Track) Certification

Otis College of Art and Design

August 2009 - May 2013

B.F.A. Product Design


UI/UX Design

  • HTML and CSS

  • Preference Testing

  • Prototyping

  • Research

  • Usability Testing

  • Wireframing

Graphic Design

  • Branding

  • Logo Making

  • Presentations

  • Print

  • Storytelling

Computer Programs

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    [After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Photoshop]

  • Atom

  • Figma and InVision

  • GitHub

  • Microsoft Office and Google Workspace

Product Design

  • Ceramics

  • Hand Renderings
    [Sketching and Computer]

  • Pattern Making

  • Sewing [Hand and Machine]

  • Technical Packages

  • Weaving

  • Welding

  • Woodworking


  • English

  • Mandarin Chinese


  • Canon EOS 80D

  • Attention to Detail

  • Fast Learner

  • Organized and Dependable

  • Problem Solver

  • Self-Motivated


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