Toqos is a small business originating from San Fransisco dedicated to not only selling handmade turquoise jewelry, but bringing the turquoise community together. My first couple of months consisted only of product shoots, writing descriptions, and inventory.

As the inventory gradually grew, I took over social media marketing on Instagram by creating content, schedule giveaways, and worked on collaborations with influencers. We started hiring professional photographers and models to showcase the jewelry and I curated the pieces to go with a pre-determined outfit.

As our client list expanded, I focused on maintaining relationships by creating newsletters. During my year at Toqos, I helped grow its Instagram followers from a couple hundred to over 7k.

Instagram Posts

With Instagram's ever changing algorithm, it was important to keep followers engaged. Just posting product after product wasn't going to cut it anymore, even if it was something different everyday. We went from posting once everyday to 2-3 times a day depending on how much content we wanted to push.

We started holding giveaways and doing collaborations with influencers to increase engagement. That meant creating eye-catching posts that would get followers to stop scrolling to read participate. On top of that, it meant curating and using hashtags, responding to and liking comments, and liking other posts.


Newsletters were a great way to keep in touch with clients, especially if they aren't as proactive on social media. We wanted to create a feeling of community with our clients, so we started with a welcome newsletter. Then it was followed by weekly newsletters to keep the clients informed about the history of turquoise jewelry, how to properly care for it, and the process a piece might go through before it is ready to be sold.

After that, we sent bi-weekly newsletters with a new blog post, along with a preview of the newest inventory, or a members only special coupon. We felt that communication was important to develop the kind of relationship we wanted.

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