Park It or Ticket

This project was created out of my frustration for public parking and the seemingly endless amount of money spent on paying parking fines. Being frustrated driving through the city was one thing, but to go through another agonizing process of finding a spot in limited parking with absurd parking restrictions with phrases like "every second and fourth Wednesday" was the final straw.


A mobile app that can help make parking less of a hassle with features like avoiding parking tickets or remembering where the car is parked.


Parking in any major city can be quite an annoyance with various parking restrictions depending on the time, the day, and even the week! With this app, the user can have a peace of mind knowing exactly where their car is parked and what time to come back before getting a ticket.


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Park It or Ticket

This mobile app was created for the ease of use, knowing the ideal user would probably be in the hustle and bustle of the city. It had to be straightforward, simple, and fast.

GPS Location

The app uses your GPS location to pull up parking restriction information. Even if there are multiple restrictions, the app will be able to tell you how long you can be parked at that spot.


Parked at a meter? Or maybe a restriction is taking place soon. Instead of constantly checking the time, set up a friendly reminder to come back to your car before you're issued a ticket.


I'm always forgetting where I parked my car; whether it's in a simple parking structure, or on a street somewhere in the city. The app can pin the location of your parked car so you never have to look for it again.

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